Our design is distinctive, natural, and straight forward. With ultimate goal of designers, we craft unique ideas from the unadorned beauty of earth, to enliven your home with tangible pieces that match your own taste. Using lines and shapes to tell your story and sculpt the beat of your life. 

Ink Pedestal

From afar, we see cold marble, yet up close delicate leather. Like dreamy mist, ornate decorations embellish the upright pedestal. Light delicacy whispers forth from the ink spirals, like mountains and waters surrounded by fog, leaving ample space for contemplation.


“Imprint” embraces the silent nature. The subtle ribbons of green flow quietly like a hot spring. The black walnut tabletop contains carvings of rise and fall of temperature at high altitudes. The mountainous table base props up a lonely yet majestic landscape. A few minimal geometric forms encapsulate nature’s bounty into “Imprint”.


With contrast of square and circle, firm and elastic, metal and wood, virtual and realistic, the piece Fang-Yuan (Square-Circle) creates a breath of Zen that integrates into daily life. The circular shape exhibits openness on display, and the straight metal leg embodies a concept of modernity. You can feel the warmth of wood on your fingertips, and the frostiness of metal in your palm. Structural lines and a circle form a silent rhythm, blending into a harmonious life.